Thursday, 20 September 2007


Every one has peeves. I have my own set too. Read on to find out if your peeves match mine. I hate: -

  1. The screeching sound of rusted metal on hard surfaces. Like the sound of a mop's rusted rod rubbing against the floor.. Yuck!

  2. The shoddy and third - class advertisements on India TV.

  3. Too many people calling out my name at the same time.

  4. Too many sorry's and thank you's.

  5. People talking too loudly, whether or not on their cellphones.

  6. Guys leching openly at girls, and thinking it makes them look discreet man, its embarassing for the people who are with you.

  7. Speaking while chewing on paan. Not only is it an eyesore for people speaking to them, but its also not very pleasurable to have red spittle-droplets being showered on you.

  8. Dhoni look-alikes...eeks

  9. Girls who giggle too much, especially when they're in groups. No, seriously!

  10. Navjyot Singh Sidhu on TV. He laughs like a babboon high on laughing gas and rarely lets others speak.

  11. Abhijit Sawant's "Mohabbatein Lutaunga" aarghhh. And then his mouth spray ad - double aarghhh.
  12. The donkey who tries to bray tunes whenever he gets an opportunity, and makes crappy poems on INDIAN IDOL. Oh, his name's Anu Malik, is it?

  13. The "Yeh hai paaya paaya" qawwaali on THE GREAT INDIAN LAUGHTER CHALLENGE. Ought to be used by the police for torturing suspects for third degree interrogations. I guarantee 101% results [:p]

  14. Ravi Shastri and Wasim Akram's "Shaz And Waz" show during cricket match lunch breaks. Let us enjoy our breaks dudes.

  15. Some over-hyping, irrsponsible and judgmental media and news channels.

  16. Bhoot shows on 'NEWS CHANNELS'..sheesh.

  17. Saas bahu dramas on TV. No need to explain why.

  18. Shows like "LEFT RIGHT LEFT", "Sanjivani", "Saara Aakaash", etc that start off promising different kinds of stories, but eventually turn into sequels and remakes of point 17.

  19. TV journalists asking foreign male celebrities, "So what do you think about Indian women?".. What the hell? Are you TV journalists or pimps?

  20. Tele Shopping Network ads. Bizarre. Period.

  21. RGV's films and music in his movies. the song lyrics sound as if they've been forcibly translated from telugu to Hindi. And the movies he makes nowadays give stiff competition to another idiot "Kaizad Gustad's" movies. Poor fella, he's lost it.
  22. Hip-hop videos. Theyre all the same, lotsa gold chains, skimpily dressed gals, and "yeah, yeah" or "yo, yo"

Sunday, 9 September 2007


The Media. Newspapers, magazines, Television, the internet. A powerful and potent weapon. A tool to lend a voice to people deprived of justice. A mighty weapon for mute and meek victims who have been subjected to attrocities and chose to bear it in silence, for fear of being hounded by the oppressors. A channel to keep the naive and ignorant informed about what is happening around the world, even behind the curtains. A boon. Thats what it was meant to be. It sure was a potent weapon when used responsibly. However, as time has progressed, the media seems to have forgotten their greatest commandment, "With power comes Great Responsibilty".

The recent case of Delhi's local news channel Live India's 'Sting Operation' showed us all that perhaps we have glorified the media a little too much and have actually created a monster.

A 'Sting Operation' conducted by Live India proclaimed that Ms .Khurana, a teacher at Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Delhi, was involved in the making of pornographic movies, and forced her students to feature in them. The channel claimed to have tapes on conversations between a porn dealer asking for supply of girls, and another tape in which Ms Khurana was said to have forced a student of hers into it. But turns out that it was all a sham. The ploice found out that there was a dispute between Ms Khurana and one of the reporter's friends, and in order to teach her a lesson they fabricated the entire episode. And so the channel made a huge hue and cry about it, and used the false evidence to put down the hapless lady. And yeah, we viewers believed them, coz a tape is a tape and counts as true evidence, nevermind that we don't know about the alleged criminal's background. And all the channels go on freely viewing their respective stories on the subject, and straightaway show the defendant as evil and a criminal, and not as an alleged criminal. The media has seemed to proclaim themselves as judges. The poor lady was mobbed and hit mercilessly, her clothes torn, abuses showered on her from all sides. And no one really cared to see if the allegations were true. Why should they? The news and the media can never go wrong, right? Very few news channels like NDTV and CNBC show mature content. Most of them only want to grab the viewers' attention and will go to any lenghts to achieve their end.

Whenever the government proposes media censorship, the media raises their voices in unison, proclaiming it as a violation of rights and an attack on truth.

But is it truth always? Who is going to control this self-righteous monster? Who is going to remind them about their duties and responsibilties, in these times of TRP races?